ERP rollout in 3 weeks… from SAP to NAV….

Roberto Scaramuzza - Linkedin profile

Roberto Scaramuzza - Linkedin profile

I am in ICT business since 20 years, and I ve rolled out many many projects, both on INFRASTRUCTURES and ERP.

I have heard and seen any kind of project scheduling and GOLIVE planning, from ONE YEAR to start indian’s branch (that become more or less FIVE YEARS) up to the new approach that SAP and NAV have with “ready made” configurations WITHOUT customization to let the  company start in a lapse time of  THREE / SIX months.

Honestly i really LOVE this approach: it uses SAP BEST PRACTICES or Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology. Why to invent something new if around the world a lot of companies have already implemented clear processes and business flows? Why to BURN money paying consultants and developer to write tons of rows of code that with the new release of ERP or EX ERP (extended ERP), customers have to trash?

Customization in ERP and business processes (and software) are always bad…. DANGEROUS…… Would be like POISON for future projects, for cash flow and for future scenarios.

However, the subject today is something really funny (or scary) that I have heard few days ago: a company related to ICT would like to migrate from SAP to MS NAV (aka MS Dynamics) and MS CRM, and the project duration would be THREE WEEKS.

Last but not least, not nominated nor forecasted an internal Project Manager to follow up the rollout from data migration till golive and also in future steps…. Would be everything in hands of Vendor? If so… better they collect 150.000 eur and use such amount to fire barbeque…. I have seen already so many project become just smoke due to lack of skills, sponsorship, ethic and honesty.

Let see if it would be a BLOODBATH or if the managment can understand that sometimes some ideas are not feasible, sometime are crazy….. sometime….. totally INSANE.