Sure Step Methodology

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Microsoft has developed SureStep methodology to standardize the project management methodology for Microsoft Dynamics Solutions.  This proven methodology provide our consultant with IT project management Best Practices, and helps us to:

  1. Reduce risks
  2. Implement faster
  3. Maximize the ROI (Return On Investment)

SureStep = “Project success in 6 steps”

Download SureStep Methodology pdf schema

1 – The Diagnostic

  • Identify and/or review the high-level requirements and selected business processes
  • Architecture Assessment: to provide guidance about production infrastructure and hardware requirements
  • To provide an overview of the available options to address client needs

2 – The Analysis

Conduct a Fit Gap Analysis to :

  • Identify and document gaps between the business solution and the customer requirements.
  • Determine the level of customization necessary to address client needs
  • Prepare project planning

3 – The Design

  • Define how the business requirements will be implemented
  • Configuration of the Microsoft Dynamics solution to satisfy those requirements identified as a “Fit”   (Configurations) in the Fit Gap spreadsheet.
  • Customization of the system:
  • Create Functional Design Documents (FDDs) for Gaps (Customizations)
  • Create Technical Design Documents (TDDs)
  • Create Solution Design Document (SDD)

4 – The Development

  • To develop the feature or integration which is proposed in solution design and technical design documents.
  • To perform testing of the solution in accordance with the Quality and Testing Requirements and scenarios defined in the Design phase.
  • To create training documentation necessary to support end user training. Business scenarios, processes and activities are explained to provide an overall understanding of the developed solution.

5 – The Deployment

  • To provide the appropriate level of End User training before Go-Live
  • Deployment of the solution
  • To migrate live data from the source or legacy systems into the Production environment in preparation for the cutover and Go-Live
  • System Go-Live

6 – Operation

The Operation phase involves the final activities required to close out the project, provide post-production support, and transition the solution and knowledge to the customer.

Carry out a full Disaster Recovery Test of the Dynamics solution. This activity should be carried out on an ongoing basis and is recommended that the process is run prior to go live, and at least annually to ensure that the process and infrastructure is complete and effective.

Initially a performance optimization task should be scheduled soon after go live.

This serves two purposes:

  1. To ensure that all performance best practices have been correctly implemented
  2. To monitor/review the resource utilization of all components of the solution under actual production (peak) load. This allows bottlenecks to be identified and capacity planning to be carried out to extend the infrastructure if required.
  • Server Resource Utilization
  • Client Resource Utilization
  • Network Utilization

Download SureStep Methodology pdf schema