Legally importing foreign labours in Thailand

For years, Thailand’s manufacturing sectors have suffered from the shortage of skilled labours across various industries. This phenomenon consequentially spurs the influx of foreign labours from neighbour countries. Most of these foreign labours are doing their part in supporting Thai economy, however, some are causing problems to employers and the society, especially in drug and crime-related issues.

To avoid these problems, screening qualified and legal foreign labours from neighbour countries has become a pressing and challenging issue for many employers.

Roberto Scaramuzza - Linkedin profile

Roberto Scaramuzza – Linkedin profile

Khun Jakkrit Suwannasarn, President and Advising Director of Silver and Gold Management Co., Ltd. or SGMT revealed that from his 33 years of personal experience in labour sourcing consulting, he realized that foreign labours nowadays have become a crucial contributor to Thailand’s industrial sectors, be they construction, manufacturing, food, textile, electronic component, as well as SMEs. However, hiring these foreign labours might expose employers to various kinds of business and legal risks. The use of illegal labours will bring about many problems such as crimes, communicable diseases, drugs and the violation of human trafficking laws, especially when employers are unable to properly check the background of their new recruits.

“The process of sourcing and screening foreign labours must be carried out carefully and professionally. SGMT has develop a system called “SGMT Screening Process” to help out employers in verifying foreign labours’ background. This process includes aptitude and skill tests, interviewing techniques and an effective appraisal system. Moreover, we have successfully made a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in legal personnel sourcing with governments of Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh and Vietnam, by which we are legally certified for labour sourcing, labour quality control, labour immigration and labour registration. By using our services, employers can collect the passports of their foreign labours, which is in compliance with the international standard.”

Khun Jakkrit also revealed that this MOU will help employers gain access to high quality and legal labours from neighbour countries in a systematic and verifiable way. All foreign labours will be registered by names and work address, which is linked to the database of Ministry of Labour in Thailand and in their home countries. They will also be required to pass a medical exam to prevent any communicable diseases. Their visas will be issued under the employers’ names so they cannot change their job arbitrarily. If they are not satisfied with the job then they have no choice but to return to their country.

SGMT also provides labour registration service for employers in Thailand with existing foreign labours in their workforce, to make sure that their labours are professionally capable and meet legal compliances.

When asked about the secret that keep SGMT strong and eminent for more than 30 years, Khun Jakkrit told us:

“Today SGMT’s reputation in foreign labour sourcing is recognized in Thailand and many industrial countries such as Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. We are trusted by a number of leading organizations and multinational corporations. We achieve all these by adhering to the high standard and commitment to serving our clients. We believe that our clients’ businesses are also our business, and their satisfaction is the reflection of our success.”

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