It’s time for quality foreign labours

Systematic and efficient screening process is a key to obtaining high quality foreign labours.

For years, Thailand has suffered from the shortage of skilled labours across various industries especially agriculture, fishery and construction. This phenomenon consequentially spurs the influx of foreign labours from Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh and Vietnam into the kingdom.

From HR management’s point of view, foreign labours are a key resource that keeps the business alive and competitive in the ever changing market. As a result, many entrepreneurs try very hard to seek only quality foreign labours to equip their workforce.

Khun Chackraphan Suwannasarn, Chief Executive Officer of Silver and Gold Management Co., Ltd., a leading foreign labour management company, revealed that since foreign labours are a crucial driving force in many manufacturing industries, sourcing and managing qualified workers have become an important issue in today’s business operation.

“Nowadays businesses are more competitive. We must not overlook the fact that the quality of workers will reflect in all the products we make. From SGMT’s experience in labour management, I can assure you that systematic and efficient screening process is a key to obtaining high quality foreign labours. There are many important steps that have to be implemented carefully.”

Surely this doesn’t only mean legalizing your immigrant workers. You have to properly manage their skills and talents to suit the various needs of your organization, essentially on the basis of “putting the right man on the right job.”

“At SGMT, we work extremely cautious to handpick the most suitable foreign labours for our customer’s needs. Making sure that they entered the country legally with proper documents is just the first step. Next, we test these foreign labours regarding their career aptitude, skills, expertise and personality. Finally, they will be interviewed and evaluated individually to make sure that their personal records and work experiences are 100% verifiable. Our customers can rest assured that they won’t have to gamble their money with low quality labours or fall victim to fraud and falsification of records/documents.”

“Furthermore, SGMT also provides orientation training for foreign labours by our specialized trainers. These experts in basic skill development will help guide foreign labours in getting familiar with the company’s rules and regulations, making them ready to start the job immediately.”

In order to facilitate the import of high quality foreign labours, SGMT maintains a strong collaboration with government agencies, embassies and associations in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Bangladesh. These agencies also play an important part in the preliminary screening of eligible foreign labours.

“With over 30 years of experience in the business, SGMT has accumulated most suitable strategies and created the ‘SGMT standard’ which is proved to be highly effective in different situations. These knowledge and experiences were handed down from the first generation executive (Khun Chackrit Suwannasarn) to me, the second generation,” Khun Chackraphan added.

“The SGMT standard represents professionalism, commitment, trustworthy and consistency. We work closely with our customers to make sure that their business goals are fulfilled. We take care of our clients consistently throughout the contract, and provide them with legal advices and other labour relation services.”