Roberto Scaramuzza - Linkedin profile Roberto Scaramuzza – Linkedin profile

‘Warm’ Definition Behavior index
Self-esteem With the conviction that “I am creating a happy life and a
better world for mankind,” I clearly understand the meaning
and value of what I am doing, and show pride in my job.
Dreams and goals
Meaning of work
Clear understanding of the corporate vision
Sense of community Based on the emotional connectedness among employees and
among organizations, I will pursue the value of the entire
Pursuit of common values
Actively voicing of opinions
Valuing teamwork
Mutual consideration Based on thoughtful trust of and consistent interest in
others, I will fully recognize and support them to promote
mutual growth.
Acceptance of multiculturalism
Supportive of success
Attentive listening and acceptance
‘Professional’ Definition Behavior index
Knowing my job I am making continued efforts to gain outstanding expertise
in and understanding of customers, technology and market,
and know very well how to accomplish my performance goals.
Aiming to become the “Global Best”
Finding ways to accomplish
performance goals
Link work to the corporate strategy
Set challenging goals I will set ambitious goals with a view to perform better
than expected, and make continued efforts to accomplish
High goals and proactive responses
Leading change
Positive attitude
Thorough-going and cheerful execution I will prepare and execute thoroughly all my tasks with a
sense of ownership, and work with passion and joy.
Sense of responsibility
Pursuing fun
Skillful execution of tasks
Knowledge sharing I will organize the experiences and knowledge I gained from
work and share it across the organization to enhance the
competency of myself and fellow workers.
Organizing knowledge
Active sharing