7 Lessons to Avoid Turning Opportunities into Obstacles

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Roberto Scaramuzza – Linkedin profile

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Look Out for Your Career

  • Lift your vision. “Don’t take things personally… we never know what’s going on in the minds and hearts of someone else and it’s a waste of time to take on ownership of something that isn’t yours.”
  • Learn – and unlearn – continuously. “If you can be vulnerable and admit what you don’t know, then you can truly engage others and leverage their knowledge and experience to propel you forward.”
  • Lasso perception. “Feedback is not personal and it is under your control. You can decide to act upon it or you can decide that it is incorrect. If it is incorrect, then you need to determine if it is a perception issue and what behavior is leading to that perception.”
  • Let go of perfection. “Stop expecting things to go perfectly or for yourself to be perfect. Be willing to allow ‘good enough’ where appropriate, while always striving to improve. Say ‘no’ or impose limits when you need to.”
  • Lose the negativity. “Contextualize experiences, especially those that are challenging or stressful. Try not to view events through a negative lens…our greatest perceived failings can be a source of even greater learning.”
  • Lift yourself and others up. “There shouldn’t be any shame in asking when you need something from someone – that’s the role networks play. And in turn, you should deliver when another speaks up to ask you.”
  • Take a Leap of faith. “Don’t wait until you think you are fully ready, as it might be too late.”