Gmail Client 2.0.7 back on your Blackberry

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Yes, a How-To get back Gmail client (2.0.7) on your Blackberry!

If you wipe your old BB, or if you buy a new one, you will discover that out there was no gmail app anymore.

Leaving a void in BB heavy users life because Google withdrew their Gmail Blackberry App to “encourage” people to move their Droids.

Sited “Google will instead focus on “building a great Gmail experience in the mobile browser…”.

Come on Google, just say you don’t like RIM anymore. Sometimes people, especially staff on capitol hill, don’t have the option to chose our work device.

Yet, we still want access to our gmails account and contacts.

Gmail’s mobile site,, is CRAP!, and google client is better!

Here is a fool proof way to get the gmail client 2.0.7 on your blackberry!

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Step 1

Gmail back on your Blackberry

Email or manually enter the following link to your blackberry (email or BBM)

Step 2

Gmail back on my Blackberry

Your blackberry will be prompted to download a file: Gmail.jad

Select OK to download and install.

Step 3

Gmail back on my Blackberry

The Gmail client will install

Step 4

Gmail back on my Blackberry

After downloading and installing, check your Downloads folder.

Step 5

Gmail back on my Blackberry

Select the icon and login with your gmail credentials. Promptly give an evil laugh and say Take that Google.