Summer = Smart Time to Job Search

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Roberto Scaramuzza – Linkedin profile

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 Hiring workforce has consistent peaks and valleys throughout the year as follows:

  1. Hiring picks up in the fall as the, “back to school, back to work,” mentality settles in. Hiring managers, coming off summer vacations, start to re-focus and identify hiring needs to ensure they’ll meet their end-of-the year goals.
    Meanwhile, professionals who are dissatisfied and want new jobs, but didn’t want to start new positions until after their own vacations, resume their searches.
  2. Hiring drops off from Thanksgiving to New Year’s sincebecause companies don’t want to on-board and train staff during the holidays. At the same time, job seekers don’t want to switch jobs because they are busy with the extra activity level the holidays bring to their lives.
  3. Job search goes through the roof in late January when all the, “New job in the new year,” resolutions are attempted. However, most companies don’t have their budgets in order, so hiring isn’t a priority…yet.
  4. Hiring picks up late February through spring when hiring managers have new budgets and money for additional headcount. They also want to get the hiring done before summer comes.
  5. Summer hits and the hiring process for jobs slows down since many people who are part of the process are on vacation, delaying the scheduling of interviews, etc. At the same time, job seekers are busy enjoying the season and find everyone in more relaxed party modes, causing them to put their job search on the back burner as well. Besides, they don’t want to skip their vacations, remember? (See #1)
  6. Summer ends and the process repeats.

Of course, there are exceptions and lots of people get jobs in slower times, but this is the overall ebb and flow of hiring in America.

So, Why Summer?

Now, reading through those cycles, most people think, How can summer be the best time to find a job if companies aren’t hiring and the people I network with are all in vacation mode?


Disruptive Job Search = Seek When & Where It’s Not Expected

We are headed into a season when people are happier. They have summer events to attend. They spend time with family and go to local vacation hot spots, etc.

People are in better moods – the ideal time to make a positive first impression. This is the best time to bond with people in a natural, yet powerful way. At some point, you’ll learn what they do for work – and they’ll learn what you do for work. It’s what happens – that’s if you are focused on making new friends and connecting with them.

What better time to do that then while engaging fun summer activities?

This is the time to network the right way. 80%+ of jobs are gotten via referral.

You must expand your network to find more job opportunities.

Making friends and nurturing new relationships during the summer will enable you to leverage those connections to find a new job when hiring picks up in the fall.

Finally…Network, Don’t Sell

For those of you thinking,“I’m not going to bother people during their summer vacation. They’ll be annoyed by me,” then you’ve missed the point. Nowhere above did is written to tell them about your job search and ask for help.

Make friends and get to know each other. There’s a big difference.

Networking is about having meaningful conversations as a way to earn trust and respect. Summer offers the right environment to do that more easily. So, don’t waste your summer – use it to advance your career. Come September, when hiring picks up, you’ll be glad you did.