The Berlusconi show goes on

Italy vs Thailand: Same history, same destiny!

  • Thaksin Shinawatra is a Thai business tycoon turned politician. He founded Advanced Info Service, Thailand’s most successful mobile phone operator.
  • Silvio Berlusconi is an Italian politician, entrepreneur and media tycoon who served three times as Prime Minister of Italy
  • Yingluck Shinawatra, or nickname Pu, is a Thai businesswoman and politician, member of the Pheu Thai Party, the 28th and current Prime Minister of Thailand

silvio berlusconi

thaksin shinawatra

yingluck shinawatra

In most other Western democracies Berlusconi would be in jail (as also Thaksin Shinawatra would be!).

With Italy’s highest court of appeal confirming his conviction for tax fraud, the leader of the People of Freedom (PdL) party should be behind bars (as also Thaksin Shinawatra should be!)

If the former prime minister is fit enough to run the country again (as he clearly aspires to do), he is fit enough to serve time. Instead, Italy is very lenient with its seniors and the worse the 76-year-old media mogul is likely to face is a year under house (or in his case, luxury villa) arrest. And yet he refuses to accept even that.

In most other Western democracies a convicted politician who not only refused to take his punishment and go quietly but even demanded that the law be “reformed” in his favour, would be a joke.

Instead, in Italy no one is laughing, and leaders of Berlusconi’s People of Freedom (PdL) party have called on the millions of Italians who voted for Berlusconi to take to the streets on Sunday to support his demand. And also in Thailand the situation is the same, with “people” in the Parlament discussing about the amnesty for the Criminal….

In most other Western democracies a convicted politician would not only be immediately removed from public office but also shunned by his own party. It can be depressing how eager formerly loyal colleagues are to drop those who have been disgraced.  And also in Thailand the situation is going on with Thaksin’s sister that is remote controlled (via skype) from Dubai. On this Silvio is one step back! Infact just now he is preparing the seat for her daughter Marina….

Instead, ministers from Berlusconi’s People of Freedom (PdL) party are offering to resign from the government in solidarity, party coordinator Sandro Bondi has raised the prospect of civil war, and two other leading figures in the party have asked President Napolitano for a meeting to request a pardon for their billionaire leader.

And also in Thailand the situation is the same, as told above with the Amnesty bill on the table, and with the activation of the IAS – Internal Security Act – with the possibility to set up curfew, shutdown medias, IT and MOBILE networks and so on…..

For twenty years the world has followed the Berlusconi show, the shameless use of his immense wealth:

  • TV channels and family-owned publications to shape public opinion, with tons and tons of Soap operas, gossip shows, realitty shows, manipulated and oriented news lines….. (And also in Thailand the situation is the same…)
  • the soccer team of Milan to drug the italians addicted to soccer and nothing else (And also in Thailand the situation is the same…)
  • the use of his political power to change the law to his own advantage (And also in Thailand the situation is the same…)
  • the accusations of everything from mafia association…. (And also in Thailand the situation is the same…)
  • …. the marketing of Senators to let fall down the Governor…..
  • ….. to sleeping with an underage prostitute….
  • ….. and many many many more……
  • the vulgar political gaffes

Commentators were frequently amazed, sometimes amused, always bemused. How does he get away with it?

Why do Italians keep voting for him? (And also in Thailand the situation is the same…)

Once justice had caught up with him, it was assumed that the show was at an end. “The curtain falls on Rome’s buffoon”, read the headline in Britain’s Financial Times on Friday.

But no, the show goes on. (And also in Thailand the situation is the same…)

And the longer this unedifying spectacle continues, the more it is brought home to the rest of the world that Italy is not like most other western democracies. However the show ends at home, Italy’s international reputation will have suffered a blow from which it will take a very long time to recover.

Thailand (as Italy) is facing problems due to the corruption, and the tycoon managing the life of thai people and washing their brains.

Thailand is facing some big troubles that come from this CRAZINESS ATTITUDE that  let be italians and thais really similar….

  • living in a peninsula
  • not paying attentions and cares to the country jewels
    • ART & MONUMENTS for ITALY (read it as NO ENGLISH SPEAKING, POMPEI troubles, COLOSSEUM falling down…)
    • TOURISM and SEA for THAILAND (read it as NO ENGLISH SPEAKING, PTT oil spill, RAYONG area pollution, continuous SCAMMING of “walking ATM” Tourists/Expats – they call us SHITTY FARANGS)
  • mafia
  • corruption
  • total lack of respect of rules and laws
  • …. and many many other similarities…..

So, with all the similarities Thailand will have the same destiny of Italy!