Income Inequality in ASEAN

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A short serie of data that will be combined at the end to have a clear picture…..

(Gini coefficient: 0=perfect distribution, 100= total inequality. Source: UN)

  1. Philippines: Worst income distribution. Gini: 44.0
  2. Singapore: Wide inequality of household incomes. Gini: 42.5
  3. Thailand: Highly uneven distribution of family income. Gini: 42.0
  4. Cambodia: The gap between rich and poor widens. Gini: 41.7
  5. Myanmar: The UN determines an increasing income spread. Gini: 40.0
  6. Indonesia: Is relatively better off than its peers. Gini: 39.5
  7. Malaysia: Income disparity is high between Pensinsular and other provinces. Gini: 37.9
  8. Vietnam: Has a comparably ‘even’ income distribution. Gini: 37.8
  9. Brunei: There is a gap between rich and poor even in the Sultanate. Gini: 35.5
  10. Laos: has a quite even income distribution, albeit on a low level. Gini: 34


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