Thailand to improve its embarrassing education ranking

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The improvement of Thailand’s education system, one of the worst in the developed world, stands high on the agenda of the country’s new education minister Jaturon Chaisaeng, who took office after a cabinet reshuffle in June.

Thailand’s problem with its education system is just one of the issues that have mounted since the new government under the Pheu Thai party took over in 2011.

Thai students

The International Institute for Management Development (IMD) has ranked Thai education 51st among 60 countries worldwide.

Thailand has also been ranked 50th out of 65 countries for its Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) test results, with only one university listed among the world’s best universities in 2013 at 351st spot out of 400 universities.

The minister has introduced new policies to further develop Thailand’s education quality and university rankings by 2015 when the Asean Economic Community will be formed, Thai News Agency reported. The policies include mobilizing resources to improve education quality and rankings of educational institutions and universities, boost PISA results and increase the number of vocational students.

Jaturon said there was an “urgent need” to boost the competitiveness of national education.

The ministry will now speed up 7 areas of development:

  1. a teaching reform
  2. a teacher development reform
  3. technological application for teaching media
  4. improvement of vocational education
  5. enhancing private participation in educational services of universities
  6. distribution of learning opportunities
  7. as well as educational development in the troubled far south of the country.