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Roberto Scaramuzza – Linkedin profile

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I am specialized into international projects rollouts, of ERPs, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE and INFRASTRUCTURES. I can be agile and involved in every kind of ICT projects.

During my career I have also acquired the know-how and expertise for the setup of new Companies and Branches – in the Engineering or ICT field – especially in the Emerging and Developing Countries, mainly in the ASEAN / AEC Area.

What I am able to do and what skills I have:

– Analyze the business objectives of the stakeholder and develops solutions to business issues.
– Analyze and defines processes of business both “To Be” and “As Is.”
– Ensure that the recommended solution is both commercial and competitive
– Understand business requirements and translating them into specific software requirements
– Understand both technical designs and specifications
– Analyze and documenting the required data and information

– Being the interface between technology teams, support teams, and business units

– Strong technical skills, business intelligence, and a full understanding of the needs of the customer
– Effectively communicate with external clients/vendors and internal teams to deliver solutions

After more than twenty years as project manager or CIO in many companies, most of them ETO (IEM industrial equipment manifactury) and plants EPMCC / EPCIC (Engineering Procurement Manufacturing Construction Commissioning / Engineering Procurement Construction Installation Commissioning), I have decide to challenge on the other side, bringing my skills and my experiences to an international ERP company.

My area of competences gained on different ERP systems are:
EPMC / EPCIC / ETO / ATO / MTO companies — ERP Analyst and RollOut Specialist
PDM / PLM integration with ERP and Engineering Design departments organization
– BI (Business Intelligence) Solutions
– engineering change request (ECR), engineering change order (ECO)
– bill of materials (BOM), Engineering BOM (EBOM), Manufacturing / Production BOM (MBOM)
– Project System (PS)
– Engineering and PDM // Sales & Distribution (SD) // Manufacturing & Product Planning (PP) // Warehouse Management (WM) // Material Management (MM)
– Business Process Management (BPM) and Work Flow (WF) analysis and improvement

My typical main duties:

– Technical and commercial meeting with customers and suppliers
– Coordination of the team and all other functions involved in the projects
– Customer relationship management: progress meetings at customer / supplier site
– Projects follow up during the different phases: Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, delivery, Construction, Installation and Commissioning of plants
– Project and Products Delivery management
– Support of Purchasing Department and Direct Purchasing if needed
– Sub suppliers and Vendors management
– Support Management in decision making process if needed, also creating macro-economic, political and statistical reports / analysis of markets and countries
– Collect the Customers and Market requests and/or feedbacks to manage the Product Life Cycle, Road Map and Future Features
– Survey the market and the competitors to ensure the leadership of the product
– Track and compare the company products with the competitors
– Organize events, meetings, webcasts and other kind of promotions to sponsor the products
– Make the Assessment of Companies, analyzing the AS IS business actual situation (related to ICT systems) and report to the stakeholders and/or investors about the status and/or the gap to reach the TO BE objectives of Business Plans or Investments plan
– New implementations and  rollouts of ERP systems (feasibility analysis, Business Processes revisions and improvements, technical requirements and specifications) as also the support of the new demands
– Understanding business requirements and translating them into specific requirements for Vendors and Implementers
– Project TCQ managment

  • planning: Time Control
  • economic: Cost Control
  • standards: Quality Control

I am always available to evaluate  EXPAT position as IT Manager, Project manager IT, ERP Consultant, or Interim Manager preferably in South East Asia / ASEAN region (Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Australia, Vietnam).

I am also open for roles worldwide as in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Middle East, SouthAmerica.

Decision maker with a mentality oriented towards problem solving, and dynamic approach to projects, continuous research towards professional upgrading and acquirement of new skills. Creativity, leadership, team building, desire to excel, planning, organisation, interest and passion. Creative approach and ideas, dynamic mind out of schemas to solve problems in the best way.

If needed I could be IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE if required for URGENT roles and positions.


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