DMS – Document Management System

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Document Management System (DMS) allows organisations to publish, store, maintain and distribute electronic document communication in a safe and efficient manner ensuring a high level of security.

DMS document management  is a valuable tool for engineering and construction personnel in their internal communications processes, as well as with external stakeholders, trade partners and clients. With the use of Document Management System, documents are stored in a central management system, which is accessible to individuals selected by the sender and recorded for reference purposes. Users are able to update the system with when drawings are revised or new drawings are released. The document management software should also provide an easy mechanism to transmit these documents to others and record their acknowledgement of receipt.

The DMS is specifically designed to help you manage a document lifecycle from start to finish and is used to standradise, distribute and control the process.

Usually DMS are setup to accommodate existing document workflow and review processes.

Specific advantages of a document management system include:

  • Ability to track document versions in one central location
  • A record of who has checked-out a document
  • Powerful search capabilities for documents
  • Reduces total cost of managing documents

There are several document management system packages available, each with their individual features. Project and control requirements should be assessed prior to selecting the most suitable DMS.