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Roberto Scaramuzza - Linkedin profile

Roberto Scaramuzza – Linkedin profile

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Every ERP is just a tool.

If you are able to drive a car, you can drive any car from Fiat 500
up to a supercar as Lamborghini, just having the
proper training to learn how the "tool" works.

It is really important to have knowledge and the skills on business processes and flows. If you have these hard skills and soft skills related to customer and project managment

You are able to work on any ERP

My area of competencies gained on different ERP systems are:

  • engineering change request (ECR)
  • engineering change order (ECO)
  • bill of materials (BOM), Engineering BOM (EBOM), Manufacturing/Production BOM (MBOM)
  • Project System (PS)
  • Sales & Distribution (SD)
  • Product Planning (PP)
  • Warehouse Management (WM)
  • Material Management (MM)
  • EPMC / EPCIC / ETO companies ERP Analyst Specialist
  • PDMPLM specialist
  • Project manager ICT // ICT manager (EXPAT)